Victorinox AutoTool Multi-Tool

The Victorinox AutoTool is a retired, specialty tool from Victorinox that was designed to fit in a glove compartment, and provide a good set of automotive emergency tools. It's a fatter variation of the SwissTool that has a few items found on no other Victorinox products. It has large pliers with a wire cutter, typical SwissTool implements inside one handle, plus a flashlight and automotive tools inside the other. This model was retired by Victorinox in the 1990s after a relatively short production run.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox AutoTool is 123mm x 33mm x 25mm (4 7/8" x 1 3/8" x 1""). It weighs about 329 grams (9.0 oz).
Colors: The AutoTool comes in silver gray.
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The Victorinox AutoTool knife contains the following tools:
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  • SportsRatchet: ratchet instead of automotive tools
  • SwissTool: adds plain blade, screwdrivers and wood saw. No tire gauge, fuse puller, scraper or flashlight
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