Victorinox Woodsman Knife

The Victorinox Woodsman Swiss Army knife is a retired and rare, standard sized 91mm / 3 1/2" Swiss Army knife, with a magnifier, wood saw, and a basic set of other tools. The Huntsman knife was also called the Woodsman during the 1970s and 80s. To further confuse matters, the Woodsman name was also used for the Pioneer Range.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Woodsman knife is 91mm (3½") long, about 26mm (1") wide, and 20mm (0.8") thick. It weighs about 123.6 grams (4.4 oz).
Colors: The Woodsman comes in standard red.
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Similar Victorinox Knives:
  • Explorer: no wood saw
  • SwissChamp: adds pliers, metal saw, fish scaler, chisel, fine screwdriver
  • Champion (retired): adds metal saw, fish scaler, chisel, fine screwdriver
  • Modeler (retired/rare): metal saw instead of wood saw
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