Victorinox Alox Soldier Knife

The Victorinox Alox Soldier Swiss Army knife is a 93mm / 3 1/2" ribbed alox Swiss Army knife that was standard issue for the Swiss army from 1961 to 2008. It has four basic tools in a ribbed aluminum alox body.

The 93mm Alox Soldier replaced the earlier 93mm bakelite Soldier knife in 1961. After a 48 year run, it was replaced in turn by the current 111mm lockblade Soldier knife. The alox Soldier knife started out with red scales, but soon switched to the modern-day silver color. During its lifetime, the basic tools stayed constant on the Alox Soldier, although there were several minor evolutions in its design.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Soldier knife is 93mm (3 1/2") long, 23mm (15/16") wide, and 14mm (1/2") thick. It weighs about 72 grams (2.6 oz).
Similar Victorinox Knives:
  • Soldier 100mm (retired): 1897 to 1949, larger, hard fiber/polymer body
  • Soldier 93mm (retired): 1950 to 1959, hard fiber/polymer body